Sunday, September 30, 2012

[Review] The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Angel Skin Powder Pact

Let's kick start this week with a review, shall we? :D

Note: There's another new post below, about Bigbang's Alive Galaxy Concert! Do read it!

This review is about The Face Shop ME:EX Angel Skin Powder Pact that I praised about in one of my previous posts! I have been using this for about 2 weeks, and I LOVE IT! Read on to find out why!

More information on the product.

I got mine in NB21, the fairer shade.

There's only 10g of the product, which is little compared to other pacts like The Etude House Secret Beam Powder pact (16g).

This is how the actual pact looks like. The packaging has a pearl pink color, so pretty!

The back of the pact. Notice the "Open"?

If you peel at the "Open", you will see a list of ingredients in english!

Close up.

Some korean stuff on the sticker.

Press on this part to open up the pact.

This is how the inside of the pact looks like! Very simple and clean!

There's a plastic protector that separates the puff from the powder.

The powder content itself.

There's "Lovely ME:EX" indented into the powder!

The puff feels just like the one mentioned in the Skinfood Buckwheat Loose Powder. Very soft and comfortable on the skin!

Closer view of the powder.

Swatching on my arm, unblended.

Swatching on my arm, blended out.

Swatching on my face (with BB cream).
Note: The powder does not make my skin darker, it's just the difference in lighting. 

The powder does not come loose when swiped with a brush. It's really fine, and provides mild to medium coverage. Can get cakey if layered on. Leaves skin looking matte, and smooth. (If you're looking for a powder that gives you a dewy, shiny finish, then this is not the product you are looking for.) Does not emphasize dry patches or sink into smile lines etc. Did not get any breakouts from this product. Puff is of high quality and pick up just the right amount of product needed.

Even though i am quite fair, i found NB21 to be wayyyy too light for me. It makes me almost white if I apply too much. This is the only unsatisfied issue for me. I would advise you to take the darker shade, unless you have super super whitish fair skin. It's a bit disappointing that there's only 2 shades for this product. I guess tanned girls can't use this product because even the darker shade looks kind of light.

Staying power:
This is the amazing part of this product. I put on this powder at 7am, and headed down to queue (outdoor) for the Bigbang concert. The sun was freakingly hot and I was sweaty and sticky, but my face still stayed matte. With no touch up at all, my face was barely oily at the end of the day (11pm), only the area around my T-zone got a little shiny. I was utterly amazed! However, one down side is that this after about 5 to 6 hours, the powder creases and sinks into smile lines and wrinkles. Well, nothing serious, just a little blotting and smoothening will solve the problem!

Like most of the products in the Lovely ME:EX range, this powder has a strong floral plus baby powder kind of scent. In the pact itself, it's really strong. I can smell it the moment i open up the pact. However, it is such a pleasant scent, I don't really mind! The scent goes off after 1 minute of application. I have sensitive skin, and my skin did not react badly to the product. If you do not like your powder to have any scents, or have terribly sensitive skin, then i suggest you give this product a miss.

I got this at $7.40 from I went to the store and saw that they were selling about $15+, can't really remember.

Other than the lack of variety in shades, I really love this product for it's natural coverage (as long as you don't pile it on), and awesome lasting power. The packaging is convenient to travel with and easy on the eyes! I'm definitely going to restock this product after i finish it up!

1 star deducted for the small quantity of product given and pathetic variety of shades to choose from!

Talk to you soon! <3


  1. This product has 4 shades if go to the physical shop of the faceshop...I got NB23 and I saw other shades other than NB21 and NB23...shades like tan colored pact and so on. I got it for like $9 from the faceshop.

    1. Thanks for the information dear!